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In hot drinks tea is one of the most famous and most consumed item as so many people are in love with it around the world. Every country has its own specialty when it comes to tea, that is why there are so many verities in it such as black tea, green tea, lemon grass tea, chamomile tea, oolong tea, mint tea, jasmine tea etc.. Some people are so addicted to tea that they cannot work without it; in offices and other work places people like to have tea to stay awake and to stay focused. At home a cup of hot tea in the morning brings our senses together .

At Kareng Tea our objective is to provide best quality tea for our valued consumers.

  Drinking tea can have a significant effect in reducing the effects of the following conditions:

• Aging

• Allergies

• Alzheimer’s Disease

• Arthritis

• Bone Health

• Bone Strength

• Bad Breath

• Cancer

• High Cholesterol

• Depression

• Dermatology

• Diabetes